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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  March 3, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EST

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it is unclear what brought me will say, that is stepped up his attack on for a partner donald trump the last few weeks. investors on hatchets ahead of the jobs report due out tomorrow morning. in a shack in the market mixed overnight. the k. in japan, the top performer, up one and a quarter%. we do have a holiday coming up in tokyo. mark is searching for direction. u.k. service sector and in lowest level in three years. u.s. futures look like this. markets are expected to open higher. fractional moves on the upside in its early but we will get the reading of services including the isn manufactured and imported 10:00 a.m. eastern. that typically is a market mover. the justice department granting immunity to a former state department staffer who worked on hillary clinton's private e-mail server. the "washington post" reported this morning brien pagliano setup a server in 2090 for higher higher before the state department.
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mccain campaign adviser laura raschein and attorney misty merits. good to see you both. >> good morning. maria: what does this tell us that now pagliano it has been granted immunity? >> it can be a good time. why would it take you maybe if he didn't have something to offer. this cannot be a good sign for hillary clinton. it comes at the worst possible time. >> how do you see it? >> as far as doj is concerned, they grant immunity code for the prosecution. this means they think pagliano had information critical to their investigation. very often they grant immunity to lower-level people to get the big fish at the end of the day. maria: we know they want to talk to her aids. what comes out of that? do you think there is something that will take a real turn in this case? >> this was a huge turn. ted cruz went on the the kelley filed last night and he called
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the latest development ominous. he says of his process is giving to a whole new level. other major ted cruz legal background. the legal jeopardy is getting greater and greater. nevada lynch on fox news in an interview with brent ayer said there is no deadline so we don't know where they would get with this in the election year. this is bringing up the question, will hillary make it to november? >> one of the important things to take away from the e-mail server scandal is we haven't seen the worst of it. she only gave us the e-mails that they were able to let us see. they completely have been obstructionist because they didn't give us the electronic out there. they delivered them. god knows what is on there. if petraeus actually got justice, somebody -- something has to --
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maria: this is a point a lot of people make that david petraeus, his whole life was turned upside down and he was basically looked at as being indicted, having major legal issues and his fractions were much lower. >> 10 times worse. and one of the situations, of course he's got to get immunity. somebody's heads will roll it is good he did that. he's got it made knowledge and somebody has to pay the price. maria: sander mentioned ted cruz last night on "the kelly file." then they get your take on this. this is ted cruz last night on fox news. >> this is an ominous development for the clinton campaign and democrats as a whole. this is just investigation is moving to a whole other level. she is a bad thing when a candidate and if we nominate a strong republican nominee, we win the general election. maria: do you think this helps in that regard?
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>> this is the first time i will ted cruz in a while. we do need a strong republican. it not going to be him. we need a strong candidate that will beat her. this absolutely helps republicans. except as set to run against a candidate go into the same ordeal that petraeus went through if not worse you do that and somebody decided whether before the the election or after the election. how could the american voters that somebody in office space in that issue. what she did is so easy to ask they pay you connect with it in 10 seconds it is very easy. she put confidential files on a private server. sandra: boris makes a great point. an indictment is not out of the question. when they are prepping this type of vigilance, so they can get more information for the investigation. >> look at what happened with the irs. nothing happened. attorney generals don't care.
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the irs was completely blatant. did you have a backup server? on the way here is spontaneously combusted. sandra: walk me through now that he's been granted immunity, reminding me this is the eighth that put the server in her home. what sort of question is he going to be asked? >> not only did he put the server in her home, he also maintains the server throughout the time she was using the e-mail address. she is going to be asked every single question and they will be focusing on the motive and what that shall he sticks around and actually getting the server in the home is supposed to either the government. >> this is pandora's box that opens the whole investigation. maria: the conversation will, what would not come the white issue at the server in her home. it will be clear. >> what is she hiding? why did she have the server in
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her home? by dishing out now wanted secure? what is on there if we don't know about? listen, she had it put in her tone. there is intent. maria: why else would you do it? >> she is saying she did this for convenience. be that we don't have to believe her. it is the contents. >> pagliano is going to know about the conversations that surrounded but in this e-mail server at our home. it is very telling what he has to say. doj goes straight for him. let's get immunity on get immunity on the sky so you without issue. >> take a step back. and back. i rented broker-dealer. edward is under federal rules you have to use broker-dealer e-mail. if i use my e-mail, do it have to be intense. i would have to have a reason to do it. once is a mistake, twice an
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oversight. all the time in hazmat personal server it be kicked out of the industry. she should be kicked out of her industry. >> state department didn't want them anywhere around. secretary stations getting personal advice from him. >> are number one aide working both for her and for lobbyists and personal contacts. >> the state department. sandra: we talked about it so long whether they should have been a special prosecutor assigned to this. maria: that is the key. why hasn't there been an independent counsel of some sort to look at this? >> it could be the obama camp not wanted to fully protect hillary. if obama wanted to help her, she wouldn't be in the position she is now. the administration is not on her side. that's a personal vendetta going back to the oa campaign. maria: go through the timeline.
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what do we need to look at to get a sense of where this anthrax. >> there is no timeline for the government. right now we are going to see the fbi continuing a vigilant investigation of hillary. i wouldn't be surprised this didn't happen with other people. >> we need to know what went on. >> fbi looking for any piece of information. they are determining whether or not they are committed. the doj can prosecute. they will have anybody and everybody. >> crime was committed% by seeking immunity. >> now, that is not necessarily true. doj can request a grant of immunity for any type of procedure. could be another congressional proceeding. it could just be in exchange for testimony. doesn't necessarily mean that he committed a crime.
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maria: and encourages him to speak out. he knows that there's limited downside. >> let's take a step back. last september he kept the faith and everything. it's going to be a dark day before he could sue even if the peak into what he knows of us is granted immunity. the reason being you brave your fifth amendment privileges. >> in a public court of opinion she looks guilty in an election year that ponders the most the voters. it looks like she's very guilty. somebody set up a server asking for immunity saying he would give anything. now he will open up it's going to be there. the government does seem to be moving on this. they could've done it after the election. >> she would be guilty of she wear the orange jumpsuit to say she did nothing wrong. maria: good to see you both. thank you so much. republican presidential candidate back to square off for the first time since super tuesday at tonight's fox news
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debate. like burma by that the site. good morning to you. reporter: good morning to you as well. they will be closing company tonight in detroit, michigan. there will just be for candidates. the smallest so far of any debates in this election cycle. as dr. ben carson announced yesterday in an official statement that he will not be participating in this debate in his hometown of detroit tonight. he said in a statement that he sees no path forward for his campaign. while they did not officially say he was suspending his campaign, the statement all that ends his campaign he would make official in a speech tomorrow. donald trump will once again be front and center by marco rubio, john k. kasich and ted cruz. he's trying to pitch to voters in kansas yesterday to consolidate around him. >> if you have been supporting
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ben carson were john kasich by marco rubio, all that honorable men, we welcome you on our team. [cheers and applause] if you have been supporting donald trump, we really welcome you on our team. [cheers and applause] reporter: maria, you will remember that lasted a seemingly out of nowhere it was marker with joe huber launched a tirade of attacks towards donald trump. in a fundraising e-mail to supporters last night, he essentially told them, get ready for round two tonight. maria: wow, we'll watch that. thanks so much. it all-caps-off at 9:00 p.m. eastern on the fox news channel. we hear. plus fox business will have live coverage breaking down. we will look ahead to next tuesday. join us on the fox business network.
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mayor brown is scheduled to speak his mind on the donald trump presidential candidacy later today. that is next. back in a minute. ♪ [vet] two yearly physicals down.
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maria: north korea firing fiber project as into the sea of japan. cheryl casone with the headline. reporter: that is the key word and we don't know what they are. still trying to determine whether project is where missiles or rockets. coming just after the united nations voted on north korea. the new measures come in response to the recent nuclear tests and satellite launch, both of which violated existing sanctions. new developments in the search to replace the supreme court justice antonin scalia. president upon the purported to padding jane kelley, u.s. court of appeals judge in iowa. senate republicans will not consider any nominations by the president, but jane kelley would make it tough on judiciary committee chair chuck grassley. he praised scalia in a speech he gave back in 2013.
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finally, mitt romney acted to deliver a speech later today on the state of the 2016 presidential race. it is unclear what romney is going to say, but many expect them to ramp up attacks on gop front runner donald trump. this is a major change of heart. during his 2012 presidential run, he praised trump for his knowledge of the u.s. economy. >> donald trump has shown an extraordinary ability to understand how our economy works, to create jobs for the american people. reporter: exactly. university utah. he's been very vocal. some speculate he may jump into the race. maria: it is interesting because i really had scratch or what's going on in terms of them coming out now. what are you guys thinking about to try and pull and donald trump? >> it speaks to the dysfunction within the republican party.
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this has been happening for years. that was an elongated nomination process it was a fight to the bitter end. the republican party from 1994 when they had the contract with america. marco rubio gives his speech after super tuesday and said this to be the end of the modern conservative movement. the movement authority over. so many factions that this is emblematic of what is happening. sandra: mayor brown is trying to help the party appeared to speculation him speaking at 11:30 will the plaintiff and the donald trump who has turned everyone of the comment into a plus for himself. both, and that romney -- that he came out with neil cavuto saying that there is going to this bombshell in donald trump's taxes but without backing it up. dallas has launched back into
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the political atmosphere. maria: allen with us this morning. you are the drug business. you have a sense of a business sponsor the next president, and now i can say is business wants clarity in order. you can't run a business if they don't know what the rules are the playing field. just like if you don't have a stable regulatory environment, it is difficult to set a strategy. at this point, businesses are moving about on a safe path, which means less risk. less risk means less investment in less jobs. >> it is going to come down to trump and clinton, he is a business guy. maria: i think it's very mixed in the business community. >> she came out against him. both have policies where he is talking about putting a terrorist after 45% on chinese
6:19 am
in ports. that is absurd. the most turbo thing you can have. >> let's be clear. hillary clinton, there have been demands placed on her to release transcripts from speeches made at goldman sachs and other financial firms and she's totally not release those because why? she leaves a lot of room for speculation that she's making promises to wall street behind closed doors that we are not hearing publicly. maria: i find it interesting that the banks are very much in hillary's corner even though the last seven years has been basically divisiveness in the banks are evil and they make too much money. i don't know. still in her corner. >> would he run businesses, unfortunately you have to have people's personal beliefs and people's behavior based on what they think is best for business. maria: that is what you're seeing. they're probably hedging their
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>> we all have asked ourselves this question. if america is attacked by terrorists and for some reason law enforcement was not able to get access to information the prevented that attack them at
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the american people will ask the question, how did we let that happen? for that reason, it makes sense for both sides to sit down with us now. maria: is part of my interview this week weighing in on apple's privacy battle with the fbi. he said with apple on this case. >> i side with the notion of privacy. and so, if you are willing to give up privacy for the conception of higher security, that the slippers of good it's almost thinking back in terms of constitutionality. i am for privacy to the fans that it should be good over potential protection for security. maria: somebody said the company trust the government of the trust apple but not the government. you are buying the service, so you have an expectation that you want data in place that it will be private.
6:25 am
sandra: the other side of the argument is that apple tried to prove the safety and security you do get when you have an iphone. >> obviously there are's tax-cut air. one thing this highlight is the divide between silicon valley, technology companies and here you are within administration promised to be the most transparent of frustration in history and yet there is this fierce divide their. maria: the interview with leon panetta coming out. in the past.
6:26 am
who was sharing what and what changed? what changed was edwards noted. everybody is afraid to talk to the government. >> the government has the expectation that they should give everything to the government without bread or water. this mass collection of data without warrants. the government has all of our information they've been collecting it, but they've never gotten a form for you. they are doing it under the guise of terrorism. finally, tim cook said enough is enough. you expect me to give up that door into our software? that lets everybody in. tragedy that is when it gets down to it. if this software to enable a lot more. now we notice actual software. stay with us for the rest of the interview with former cia head treadmill up in peer to up in. we would get his take on the 2016 presidential race as well as the apple privacy fight.
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donald trump when she matter is on the fox news republican presidential debate tonight. we will have complete previous next big but to expect from the debate. if there were take a break, here is that to trump telling greta van sustren last night would annoy sarah about her has been the most. >> something that is not done the right way, especially if you tell somebody and they don't do it. he just -- he likes to get the right things done and he just doesn't like it. he does sound like somebody who was not competent to do it.
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>> maria: welcome back, good thursday morning, i'm maria bartiromo. it is thursday, march third. sandra smith and mike murphy and alan. reported glanted immunity to emails. bryan is cooperating with law enforcement and he worked on clinton's 2008 presidential campaign and set up the private server in 209. legal implications on clinton's run for the white house.
6:31 am
dr. ben carson he will not participate in debate tonight. in a statement he says, he sees no pass forward. mitt romney will deliver major speech this morning at 11:30 a.m. eastern. it's unclear what romney will say. he has presented attacks recently on front runner donald trump. investors on edge ahead of the february's job report. we are previewing that and in the state of job creation. higher opening for broader averages, we are off of the best levels of the morning. we have reading in the sector including manufacturing index. that comes at 10:00 a.m. eastern. typically a market mover. secretary clinton with legal woes that's not going away. both sides in court and turning out to be a dosly fight. one estimate at $20 million. back to politics this morning,
6:32 am
candidates set to scare off tonight at the fox news debate. blake berman at the debate site. blake, good morning to you. >> blake: hi there, maria, take a look there behind me. our colleagues nailed this one in downtown detroit, the setting for tonight's debate. only four candidates will be here after dr. ben carson staid in a statement that he will not be participating in tonight's debate. he said he feels there's not a path forward for his nomination. those four indelude donald trump who will be front and center along side parko rubio, ted cruz and john kasich. they will be debating tonight but much of the focus throughout the day will not be focused on any of the four rather one mitt romney 20rbgs 12 republican nominee is set to give a speech later this morning at the university of utah built as a state of the race in 2016, no doubt about it, this will be
6:33 am
much of it directed at donald trump. the transcript has not been released but romney has been an outspoken critic of trump on twitter even suggesting that there might be a bomb shell in donald trump's tax returns. trump did not fit by idol himself on twitter last night. here is what he said, and i'm quoting here. presidential candidate mitt romney, just another des separate move from a man who should have beaten barack obama. romney is not expecting to endorse anyone later today. >> maria: taking the fight one step ahead. >> blake: to the next level. >> maria: fox business network dagen mcdowell. good to see you. >> dagen: good to see you. >> maria: who are your expectations tonight? >> dagen: fabulous fireworks, i can't wait.
6:34 am
you pointed this out in this break, four candidates on the stage, you have megyn kelly. after the speech on tuesday night where he was measured and a toned down donald trump, i can't wait to see how he interacts with marco rubio and he's going to have to stand next to him. >> mike: the first thing he did was congratulate ted cruz on winning texas. phenomenal. >> maria: you think it's presidential. >> mike: start to go get more real, he needs to do this. this is going to be the first debate as you talked about, rubio, were going back and forth on a bunch of showmanship, now he brought candidates to his level and he's going to rise above pit.
6:35 am
>> dagen: little rubio, little marco. i wonder if he will throw some water around. >> maria: oh, my god. what about this part of the story? [laughter] >> maria: him talking about marco rubio sweating. he starts throwing water. >> sandra: donald trump has effective used the childish attacks on the candidates and now that marco rubio is doing it, do you think it's effective. do you think marco rubio doing and kind of stretch. >> that's a whole point. it's out of character. >> maria: no one wants to see it from him. >> dagen: he started talking about this on tuesday, he creates jobs, that his been his entire life, he notion what kind of policies to get a business that want to hire business and he employees people across the country. the three guys standing on stage with them they're career politicians, and i think that is
6:36 am
what he's going to go for. it's been held in detroit, in michigan, i was talking to my mother, not to bring her into this yesterday and she said it's as if the establishment republicans and the leadership in the party have not been in the south in the last 30 years. she said, these are -- these towns are wastelands and these jobs they went to méxico and china, furniture jobs, textile jobs. >> maria: it's playing well for donald trump because people are nervous, they are worried ablosing their jobs. have things gotten a lot worse since we last saw you? >> the beginning of indications of a bit of decline. the jobs numbers from adp, they don't tell us that but they
6:37 am
never tell us till after. it's more instinctive but i do think we are losing momentum in the labor market. we had eight-plus years of growth and something -- all the systems -- >> mike: we are starting to see a little bit of wage inflation with those two things, that could lead to healthier economy for us. >> i think you're going to see the participation rate move up. there's this notion because of obamacare, this concept, smaller companies are having to lay folks off, professional-level folks, they are reemploying through llc's, if you look at irs filings for new smaller businesses, they're sort of individual operators, that may be on the rise while overall small businesses is declining.
6:38 am
>> maria: i want to talk more about this. but real quick on politics, dagen, do you read anything into the fact that the koch brothers said we are not going to get in the middle of this, we are not going to block donald trump? >> dagen: because they are smart. this is for everybody who is trying to take down donald. people want him. look at the numbers, why would you get in the way of that? you try to throw road blocks in the freight train and it looks like you are not backing the will of the people. the kockh brothers are so smart. >> sandra: do what they can with the 400 million arsenal, they haven't seen an attack that actually works on donald trump. >> mike: they have always said that they with -- they are not
6:39 am
backing anyone in primaries. >> maria: astronaut with transformation. republican front runner has released aggressive report to healthcare reform. we will bring it to you next. so what else is new? how's your mother? umm..she's doing good. she needs more care though. she wants to stay in her house. i don't know even where to start with that.
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voiceover: stand up for your health with inmovement, the affordable standing desk. and for a limited time, get free shipping! and remember, every inmovement desk comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can try it risk-free! voiceover: call or visit and use promo code freeship. that's promo code freeship. stand up for your health. >> maria: welcome back, astronaut scott kelly being studied after a year in space. you won't believe one of the
6:43 am
effects it had on him. cheryl casone with headlines. >> cheryl: restaurant kelly returned on tuesday he was up in space for a year a parentally there's more of him than there was when he left. kelly is 2-inches taller than his brother. who knew. also this story this morning, smoking has been ban on airlines for 30 years, e-cigarettes are banned as well. new roll was submitted yesterday to federal register and applies to passengers to all airlines with flights in and out of the country. front runner donald trump unveiling health plan, he wants to individual to original mandate. trump's plan also includes repealing president obama affordable health care act and
6:44 am
allowing prescription drugs from being imported. if you haven't been to the web side. >> maria: i want to stay on health care because costs, of course, continue to rise in the fall of obama and affecting farm cute call companies and healthcare providers, ralph dela torre. >> in massachusetts we had obamacare start ahead in the united states and the fundamental flaw with obama is that it didn't reform health care. >> maria: it's about insurance. >> any time you expand access without figuring how to pay for it and efficient, they get by both small businesses. >> maria: this is the point that
6:45 am
you were making earlier. the cost of obamacare is hurting small businesses. >> mandates are fully kicked in. so you had the lair of costs under the small businesses operating in thin margin already. it doesn't the large revenue base to spread out and readjust budgets. bottom line this is a new price tag that we have to figure out how to pay, unfortunately it means we are not going to pay, reduce staff, employ people around the system, employing people through an llc as oppose to putting them on a w-2 paycheck. >> mike: they can trickle it back to their customers. >> that would be great if they could, the fact of the matter, not so easily done. >> sandra: i'm injury you had a chance to look at the candidates, donald trump on his website calls healthcare plan, healthcare reform to make america great again.
6:46 am
he's similar to counterparts that he wants to get rid of obamacare and wants to get rid of mandate. has anybody put out anything that catches your eye as a professional in the best plan? >> the way we deliver care in america is costly and tends to be -- >> sandra: if one of them was listening right now, what would be the first thick they need to do to address the health care as president? >> you need to change it to revenue system to cost system. in america, hospitals, clinicians, everything draws on trying to draw revenue growth. it's high and products are high. it's not really about figuring what the population needs and matching the resources we have to the needs, it's all about enticing patients to the one-step up in the greatest and health care. >> maria: much more
6:47 am
consolidation, you think on the hospitals? >> we use hospitals differently. we are not really a hospital company. we are a physician company, an out-patient base. we take care the entirety of the patient. our hospitals are ways that we can control costs to provide patients with everything they need in health care. >> maria: more son sol -- consolidation, we will see more? >> democrat or republican, low cost of health care. we should be keeping patients out of hospital. how do you keep them without downsizing hospital? >> sandra: dr. carson play be -- may be getting out of the race, what do you make a neurosurgeon run from president? >> aside from political issues, i loved it. decisions -- physicians should rule the universe. [laughter]
6:48 am
>> mike: also the state, how did it impact massachusetts on a statewide basis affecting their economy? >> so medicaid picked up anywhere from 20 to 25% of all healthcare coverage. increased coverage 300% level. we need care management, case management, we need primary care. we need a way to take care of people not just a way to pay claims, what happens with small businesses as you start -- as medicaid starts taking up more of the costs there happens to be cost ship to go commercial. as the commercial costs go up, large businesses self-ensured businesses can shift, they can do plan design, change benefits. small businesses that have to buy products off the shelf can't do that, can't adapt.
6:49 am
>> let's look at the delivery side. this was supposed to reduce paper services and pay for outcomes. no one has been able to define what pay for outcomes means. how does it work? >> outcome is this person has cancer and did they survive, that's five or six or seven years down the line so we try to get leading indicators. it's not that diabetes give you heart failure, it's how well you are at measuring the diabetes. we still haven't improven. what different hospitals or doctors get paid actually drives the individual consumer, and remember, most consumers in health care are not the 20-30-year-olds that have the internet on every device. most consumers the older, medicaid. >> maria: young ones are not sick. you were the chief of cardiac
6:50 am
service. number one killer, still the number one killer of americans? >> yes, we have made a lot of progress. the problem is getting people to buy into having responsibility for their own care. i mean, we've made progress on both sides. we've made progress on the end of life, when patients have heart disease, advances that we have made in surgery keep people alive longer. the key is getting patients just to be healthy. >> maria: dr. ralph dela torre. we are going to get into small businesses and the impact they are seeing with fees.. back in a moment you never want" [ beep ] but you'll be glad to see it here.
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>> maria: welcome back, ibm handing a batch of pink slips, restructuring plan, nicole petallides with details. >> nicole: good morning, maria, that's absolutely right. ibm with another round of payoff and cutting pay with a one month's total no matter how long they have been at the texas giant. ibm has nod said hum they plan to cut. it's aggressively transforming the business to lead in era in cloud era and the employees are now on the chopping block and have taken to social media to express dissatisfaction. >> maria: when you place people in jobs, where would you say are the jobs? is cloud computing in other words part of the future, is it coding, where are the jobs versus who is getting fired?
6:55 am
>> think about the adp data, it's tracked almost perfectly over the years to what we are going to find out about the bureau labor and statistics. job creation has been in services, so professional services blowing away most sectors in terms of job creations. >> maria: legal work, it work. >> exactly. >> mike: what about health care? >> health care has been participating whereas energy has not, right? and you have quite frankly a little bit of surprise. we started to see acceleration in services. well, that was sort of a story for five or six years ago and continued but we were starting to see actually front-office expansion. now just recently, i don't know if it's a hiccup or trend, but i think perhaps we are going to see a slowdown. so that's kind of what's happening at a macro level. >> maria: we had dan niles and
6:56 am
wanted to avoid sectors like it. of course, in an environment where we are dancing near a recession, we could see financials, big banks and brokers cut back on it. >> there's no question about it. one interesting statistic is that approximately 7% of a major financial institutions cost structure is the cost of compliance and regulatory. >> maria: yeah. >> by the way, bad economy, good economy, not a lot of customers, you don't come back in risk and compliance. >> sandra: 190,000 expected. unemployment at allow 4.9%. does that surprise you? >> maria: you felt things. >> weakening abit. >> dagen: you think it's the elections? >> i don't think so.
6:57 am
i have been through four business cycles in my career in this profession and, you know, like anything else, after a while you can sort of feel things before they happen, purely anecdotal but i have been waiting for that quarter where it became evident that job was slowing dramatically. it's kind of like racing a car. you're usually running at the highest rpm. i've been in various parts of the staffing world from general staffing to high-end recruitment, and that momentum does carry you for a while and all of a sudden you realize that the peek is before the explosion. >> maria: wow, we will be right back
6:58 am
6:59 am
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♪ for your retirement, you want to celebrate the little things, because they're big to you. and that is why you invest. the best returns aren't just td ameritrade®. >> maria: good thursday morning, everybody, welcome back. i'm maria bartiromo, it's thursday march third. with me sandra smith, kevin kelly. first top stories 7:00 a.m. on the east coast. breaking news this morning, aid to hillary clinton granted immunity. brian is cooperating with law enforcement and worked in presidential campaign and set up the private server in home in 20 ot. clinton's campaign said it's
7:01 am
pleased with the development. the top four candidates getting ready for fox news debate. ben carson will not participate tonight. he sees, quote, no path forward. he says he will deliver a major speech later this morning. 11:30 a.m. eastern. multiple news outlets are reporting that romney will call trump phoney and fraud who is playing the american people. trump responded via twitter. he called romney, quote, a failed candidate that ran one of the worst presidential candidates in history. let's check out market action. february job's report due out tomorrow. we know what the adp showed us yesterday, 190,000 jobs in the month of february. we are waiting on that report. in asia markets mixed overnight. nikkei top-performer up.
7:02 am
reading on uk service's sector hitting lowest level. cac quarante and dax in germany both lower. higher opening for broader averages, things have come well off of their highs in the morning and now we are looking at a flat showing. we will get economic data, readings on the service sector, manufacturing report. that's at a 15:00 a.m. eastern. that's typically a market mover. top story of the day, granting immunity to clinton staffer who installed private e-mail server in her up state home. judge andrew napolitano. judge, good to see you. one thing struck me, they were not serious perhaps about the next level of this investigation. why would they grant pagliano immunity?
7:03 am
>> they wouldn't. fact that he has immunity, only a federal judge can grant immunity, he will only grant immunity to a witness whose testimony a witness they need to testify before proceeding t proceeding is a grand jury, we know already the fbi is interacting with the justice department, the fbi has made some recommendations to the justice department, the justice department is accepted those recommendations seriously and convened a grand jury and has begun and will soon begin and they need mr. pagliano's testimony immune news which he no longer has the privilege of self-incrimination because they can't use against him whatever he said. this is profound. they intend to indict someone. but they intend to indict someone in this chain north of him. >> maria: why do you get that from this? >> that's a great question.
7:04 am
the procedure to obtain immunity is so time consuming and involves such resources, they would not do it just for the heck of it. they would not do it to satisfy newspapers editorials or political commentators, they are only doing it if they are seriously presenting evidence before grand jury and they need the live testimony of this witness. >> kevin: because he plead it had fifth, they went back and were able to find something that they needed him to talk about, so they went through the steps to get the judge to grant immunity, is that essentially what happened? >> yes, kevin, that's exactly what happened. his lawyers sat down with justice department lawyers and they did a procedure. it's a whacky name. it's called queen for a day. [laughter] >> basically means the witness tells justice department lawyers what he would say to a grand jury and whatever he says, they can never use against him, they can only use against somebody
7:05 am
else. after that procedure they decided, yes, we need him to say this to a grand jury but the only way he will say it is if we promise not to prosecute him, hence the immunity. >> sandra: are you surprised that it's going as fast as it is? >> knowing the fbi i'm not surprised, but i will tell you this, the fbi is many steps ahead of where we thought they were. >> sandra: correct. >> it's not one piece of paper with one recommendation, it's a series of interactions and fbi so that the two of them, dog, fbi, fbi works with doj. >> sandra: there's no deadline for this investigation and that this will be handled like any other review. let me take it to politics for a second. we are obviously in an election year, do you think that there is going to be any major outcome
7:06 am
prior to november? >> i think there will be indictments prior to november. brian was at the bottom of the toten pole. hillary is at the top. maria participate one of her spokes people. >> and others, now the typical federal procedure is to start at the bottom, either indict the person or they spill the beans or get immunity for the person and work your way up. >> they wouldn't convene a grand jury if they didn't feel they had enough serious information that might be indictments. >> i would amend the statement slightly, they would not con vine a grand jury with an immunized witness unless they
7:07 am
intended to indict someone. the very fact that they persuaded a federal judge to give immunity, means for sure they intend to indict someone, not mr. pagliano. >> maria: he was paid $5,000 in early 2009 by hillary clinton to divert emails into her private server. >> okay, while all of this is going on, the state department is being sued by judicial watch and the judge in that lawsuit late last week said to the lawyers, you can take the deposition of all the aids, was there a conspiracy to violate federal law, freedom of information act and espionage laws, obligations to keep secret state secrets. >> what happens if she gets
7:08 am
indicted after she wins the nomination? >> maria: that's a great question. >> that would be catastrophic to the democrats. in my column today in fox news i say, don't the democrats want to know before they complete their nomination process if mrs. clinton is likely to be a criminal defendant. >> kevin: they are going to get through everyone else. that's going to take too long. >> then what happens? >> kevin, if i was in here glancing at my iphone, fox news reported that a federal law enforcement official named unrevealed expects this to be wrapped up by may, two months before the democratic or three months before the democratic convention.
7:09 am
>> sandra: this has taken a major turn with the aid being granted -- >> absolutely. we will be hearing evidence in the case and the government plans to indict someone. >> the irony of this is, in fact, she gets indicted it'll be the democratic convention that will have to take it to the floor and pick someone to represent a democratic party. >> kevin: we touched based earlier, this administration is never going to indict her. there's going to be recommendation, they didn't do anything to the irs. i agree. she'll be fine in this type of situation. it's just unfortunate because she's going to get the nomination because she has the superdelegates. >> if the fbi tells the justice department we have evidence solid, legally, obtained evidence to indict and convict and the justice department rejects that, expect
7:10 am
resignations from the fbi and leaks. catastrophic effect on candidacy. >> maria: thanks so much, judge, we will be watching you this morning. the clinton story certainly to be a topic in detroit, it is sure to have all the candidates talking except for one, fox business blake berman is there with the preview. blake, good morning to you. >> blake: that's exactly right. just four candidates will be on the stage tonight as dr. ben carson said he will not be on the debate stage here in his hometown of detroit, he said he simply does not see a path forward for him to the nomination at this point. donald trump will be front and center once again, he will be joined on the stage at the fox theater here in down trown detroit with marco rubio, ted cruz and john kasich. you'll remember in the debate last week seemingly out of nowhere it was marco rubio who
7:11 am
launched in the attacks against donald trump, this week changing up his campaign game plan. last night in an e-mail that rubio sent out to supporters, he promised that tonight would be round two. here is what rubio wrote and i'm quoting i took on last debate's i took on donald trump and won. i look forward to doing more of the same and once and for all exposing him for the con artist he is. donald trump is up this morning and tweeting up a storm and marco rubio is in the cross hairs of that. here is what he said on twitter just minutes ago, quote, why would the great people of florida vote for a guy who as senator never even shows up for vote, worst record, marco rubio is a joke. maria, it has warmed up to 21-degrees here this morning in detroit. we can promise you, though, it'll be much warmer inside on that stage. >> maria: it's going to be hot there that's for sure.
7:12 am
blake, thank you, blake berman. twitter feud with gop front runner donald trump continues to heat up. we will bring you the latest after the short break. stay with us. which allergy? eees. bees? eese. trees? eese. xerox helps hospitals use electronic health records so doctors provide more personalized care. cheese? cheese! patient care can work better. with xerox. that's it. how was your commute? good. yours? good. xerox real time analytics make transit systems run more smoothly... and morning chitchat... less interesting. transportation can work better. with xerox.
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>> maria: welcome back, north korea making a statement after the un security council approved new sanctions, cheryl casone with the latest. cheryl. >> cheryl: good morning, maria, good morning, everyone, hours after un security council approved sanctions in two decades the north shot missiles or rockets into the sea off the east coast. sanctions are response to north korea's nuclear test and long-range rocket launch. died in a car accident one day after he was indicted in federal court on conspiracy charge. police says he drove straight to the wall. he was the coowner of the oklahoma thunder. nominee mitt romney said to make
7:16 am
a speech. he has been critical of donald trump, four years ago it was very different. donald trump has shown an extraordinary ability to understand how our county works to crate job, he has done it in nevada, across the country, he understands that our economy is facing threats from abroad, he's one of the few part-time that said, you know, what, china has been cheating. >> cheryl: trump has been all over twitter. looks like two-time fell romney is going to tell people how to elect. why didn't mitt romney beg me, all caps for my endorsement four years ago. >> looks like an endorsement to me. what we said about him that he creates jobs, that's the whole point.
7:17 am
>> maria: mitt romney coming out now and going on the attack against trump, i feel like everything that's gone against trump is helping trump. >> first of all, he's basically irrelevant and in all due respect to romney, he is irrelevant. he had an opportunity to cease control and where has he been? he has not been anywhere. all of a sudden he's going to give a major. i don't -- this is clearly der -- des des >> the inevitability of donald trump, we are doing the democrats' job for them.
7:18 am
we are destroying our own candidates. their concern is they won't be able to beat hillary clinton, donald trump are turning the words of mitt romney into his own benefits and just before that tweet, he said, this was 29 minutes ago. he's actively tweeting before 7:00 a.m. on the east coast. i'm the only one that i can beat hillary clinton. i'm not a mitt romney who doesn't know how to win. hillary wants no part. >> kevin: he says he own it is politicians and he does. mitt romney begged me to help him in nevada. hillary begged me to come to her wedding. vote for me. i will change politics and he is. [laughter] >> maria: tom brady will return to court on the diagramma of deflate drama. that's next. stay tune for my interview with former secretary of defense and
7:19 am
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>> maria: welcome back, deflate back in court today as legal
7:23 am
cost of this battle is start to go get costly for the league. jared max. >> jared: just when we thought we had been healed with the deflated football t most expensive investigation is back. the u.s. circuit court of appeals will hear arguments by the nfl and players' association . five months ago, u.s. district judge richard berman overturned the nfl's suspension of tom brady, that was using deflating standards. nfl lawyers say the lower court ruling was, quote, inexplicable, still while suspension was overturned, patriots owner was fined $1 million and the team lost costly draft picks and it's possible the patriots could find themselves in the middle of the
7:24 am
next season without their start quarterback for four games. and according to an espn survey, three lawyers say that regardless of the result of this case, legal costs for deflate gate could inflate to $20 million. now, that's money well spent. >> it is about the money, so if brady is out four games, wouldn't that translate into a lot more than 20 million? >> jared: potentially. >> kevin: here is the important thing, tom brady plays better with inflated balls than deflated balls. he had one of his best years on record when he was supposed to serve suspension. he took to them on the field and he did very well. the nfl, you know what, they need tom brady than tom brady needs nfl. >> jared: that's a really good point. [laughter] >> he's pretty cute.
7:25 am
>> kevin: thank you. >> sandra: overrated, just saying. >> jared: 20 million, and a lot of people scratch their heads but -- >> kevin: is this not egos going back and forth? >> jared: probably, probably. >> sandra: i think i'm over it. >> maria: we have to talk about tiger woods on hand to witness the first hole in one. he had perfect attendance until yesterday. [cheers and applause] >> maria: received a big hug from tiger. as you take a break, espn looking to remarks made by analysts and cy young winner. listen to this.
7:26 am
>> if i'm going to believe and i'm not sure that i would have any reason not to believe that she gave us information on hundreds of thousands of emails on a public server and after what happened to general patraus, she should be buried under a jail somewhere
7:27 am
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7:29 am
it is thursday, march 3 now top stories 7:30 a.m. on east coast, breaking news this morning, aide to hillary clinton reportedly grant immunity over e-mails according to "washington post" bryan is cooperating with you law enforcement worked on clinton's 2008 presidential campaign also set up her private server in her home in 2009. on republican side of the race this morning, chtsdz getting ready for fox news debate dr. ben carson announcing yesterday he will not participate in the debate tonight, in the statement, carson said he sees no path forward but former nominee mitt romney will weigh in on state of the race fox news confirming roam to me will call you trump a phony and fraud playing the american people. trump already responded through twitter this morning, earlier calling romney quote a failed candidate who ran one of the worst presidential campaigns in history trump goes further tweeting why did mitt romney beg me for my endorsement four years ago.
7:30 am
the fight continues check markets this morning futures off highs of the morning, expecting a flat opening for the broader averages it is all about data getting the services, pmi, purchasing managers index 10 a.m. and factory orders dibl goods the market he movers day of the for markets, one story following closely this morning debate over cell phone encryption with apple making headlines as company refuses to aide fbi san bernardino investigation arcing hacking an iphone will put millions at risk, this week i sat down with former u.s. second of defense pan eithero i asked him to weigh in on this issue. >> i think it is -- it is dangerous to try to force a choice in this country, between protecting our security, and protecting our freedom, i think we can bioboth, that has been the history of our country the ability to do both, and so, when it comes to a possibly
7:31 am
terrorist having the ability to communicate and conduct an attack on this country, i think there has got to be a way, using the courts using the court order to be able to go after that information. now, it seems to me that the best course of action here would be to have both sides sit down and determine how best to accomplish this. without jeopardizing rights of privacy or ability of apple to do its thing i cannot believe that we ought to take a position that if -- if a terrorist has the potential to conduct an attack on this can you be the we aren't going to do everything necessary in law enforcement to try to prevent that. >> you would think apple one of the great american companies wants to could that wants to help, but the issue really at state does it make the country more vulnerable not only to the bad actors within architecture but also
7:32 am
to the bad actors in china, russia don't you think they have that down already to talk this out see if something can be done? >> well, it sounds like they tried to sit down, but -- they haven't made a lot of progress. in coming to an approach here. we have to find a way to be able to get this done. and i believe at least in my owner experience that there are ways to a do this. that -- at the same time, can protect their competitive interests, their interests in the business that they are running, but at the same time provide the information necessary to law enforcement in order to protect this country i think we all have to ask ourselves, this question: if america is attacked by terrorists and for some reason, law enforcement was not able to get access to information that would have prevented that attack the he american people are going to ask the question how do we let that happen.
7:33 am
so for that reason, it makes sense for both sides to sit down and work this out. >> for sure thank you follow-up has to be does this set up for another attack of a different kind perhaps a cyberattack? >> well i don't think there is any question that we have to worry today about the potential of a cyberattack. and the ability to use a computer in order to deploy a virtue us that can cripple this country, is one of the most series threats we are continuing in the 21st century. >> it is extraordinary to me look, you -- ran cia you you ran the defense department, how is it possible that we cannot access this kind of information without apple coming up with a whole new code, that makes us vulnerabl vulnerable? >> well, my from my experience frankly we always had the
7:34 am
cooperation of -- of those involved in the communications business they you worked with us not against us. and we were able to develop a relationship of trust. and i think that is what needs to be done again, is to restore a relationship of trust where both sides can be able to work with one another, to develop the right approach here, i am coincidentnvinced it happen seen it happen i have seen the importance of getting that kind of information to preventing attacks in this kin for that reason there has got to be a way to get this done. >> so what do you think changed, when you were in charge, you were working successfully with private practice with companies, wor whomever to provide the right information, that you and government needed what changed was it edward snowden that he released all this information, allowing the public to know that there was in fact big
7:35 am
brother, watching and now they don't want to be held accountable is that what changed? >> i think -- i think there are several things that changed, one is snowden snowden's revelations the amount of attention what information was being made available to the government in these cases, so that is one thing. two, you know, time has passed, since 9/11 and what happened on 9/11 i think memories faded we have not paid attention to the potential of a serious attack on this country and so for that reason, the very inspiration for making sure that we have that kind of information has faded. and that, too has contributed to it, thirdly, i think there are probably personality problems involved here between those that were speaking on behalf of the government those
7:36 am
speaking on behalf of the industry that for some reason they sat down tried to resolve this, and could not have the kind of discussion that needed to take place in order to find a resolution so i think all of those factors are involved here. which isn't to say in a we should just sit back wait for courts to decide this i think it is more important right now, for administration and apple to figure out a way to get this done. maria: yeah, all right, final question on this topic because i want to do move on, but what kind of legislation if legislation would you look for from congress to get this movin moving? >> well, the problem we are dealing with right now maria is you've got a disfun shunnal congress having a hard time getting anything passed, because of the apapartnership i washington when it comes to
7:37 am
national security would you hope republicans and democrats could sit down, and develop an approach that would provide for the kind of protection through the courts through the executive branch, through our judicial system, that would protect our privacy, and eight allow us to get the information we need. i really think that is possible it is up to congress to sit down and try to work this through. the rob right now is that we've got a real problem in the congress trying to resolve any issue much less one related to national security. >> yoo you must agree there is a slippery slope here; right? i mean if i know, and as apple has said, look, if we do create such a code, that will enable some people to be able to see all of your data, without you knowing it, turn on your microphone your phone, without you knowing it, access your health care information, et cetera. .
7:38 am
>> it is a slippery slope isn't it? >> look. i understand their kernes and they obviously developed encryption to try to protect that kind of privacy. but if law enforcement could present to a court the kind of evidence that indicates they are dealing with a terrorist who is in the process of trying to develop an attack on this country, makes that case to the court, the court provides an order to be able to get into that kind of information, there has got to be a way to provide that information without sacrificing the codes belonging to apple. maria: more my interview with leon panetta 8:30 a.m. eastern as former defense second weighs in on donald trump presidential election a lot more coming up leon panetta in about 40 minutes, next up the hype ahead of the superhero
7:39 am
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. maria: welcome back highly accepted batman versus superman day up of justice might be a few weeks away from theatrics the excitement early for fans check out ben affleck a surprise appearance a woz in a lifetime opportunity to ride alongside him swin around the studios. very special hotel opening in japan, in english speaking
7:43 am
dinosaur one of the reaccept shunnists cheryl casone on that explain this one. cheryl: i find big stories don't i? this is the world's first hotel staff almost entirely by robots, robotic check concierge can help reduce costs by 70%, 80 bucks a night, there is the future for you. also, look at this video out of texas, what you are seeing, is surveillance camera at a ginn shop in houston, 10 suspects a vehicle to rip store off -- helped themselves took 3 minutes look at this to steal 50 guns some actually used ham torz shatter glass cases to get at handguns a 5,000 dollar reward for any information leading to their arrest. >> gst look to go silicon valley for help on heels of your interview with panetta former ceo going to head a
7:44 am
pentagon advisory board ash carter says the purpose is to bring silicon valley innovation and both of the practices to the u.s. military, of course, he is the executive chairman of alphabet a apparent company of google but, again, maria. silicon valley, the government, maybe they can get along on this he we will see. maria: not bad idea kevin to bring in expertise the technology industry so that we don't have these issues where we can't access the information, when it comes to national security. >> absolutely this is a brilliant idea of you seen it time and time again government behind the private sector is innovateing ahead of the public essentialing go figure what they need to do is to bring in leaders, the great ideas on how to protect this country, actually do encryption and the government really is having a problem because cyber warfare is a big issue. >> what do you think? >> it is a serious issue, but you have to ask yourself, and i am all for public/private partnerships, because i think
7:45 am
that is the only way we can solve big problems neither the public nor sprooirt cprivate se have to ask why government particularly department of defense does not have people on payroll as smart as anyone in silicon valley if not smarter, doesn't add up. >> that is the important thing, the government needs to step up its game it needs to stop being big and bureaucrat to start thinking about being like a start-up, right incentivizing people. >> businessman. >> exactly. >> the age of edward snowden how is its possible nsa cannot get the information that the fbi needs? >> it doesn't make any sense, i mean that is the point. >> and believe me, if they can't figure out how to get on into the telephone, or if they don't the code writers, that can write that code, we are in trouble. >> there has to be benefit for everybody you look at public/private relationship and this has been an ongoing
7:46 am
problem, ongoing struggle in this tight against terror what can private companies do specifically, social networking companies we know terrorists are using to recruit, what more can private companies do with the government to help combat terror. >> that is the point they don't trust each other, that is where it is you will not. >> think about how -- i mean the terrorists are using ways and means of communicating. >> but they are -- >> gains of sony playstation even, that is that is the interesting part. >> crooks on wrong side of this, and the next terrorist attack crook will have -- >> a short break when we come right back more on that as well as, some good news for donald trump, as one group of well finned s skrvz mega donors plaejdz to stay out of the way of republican primaries. >> the candidate ted cruz reacting to developments in
7:47 am
hillary clinton scalpedale with megyn kelly last night on fox. >> this is an ominous development for the clinton campaign democrats as a whole to suggest the investigation is moving to a whole other level. >> she is going to be badly wounded if we nominate a strong republican nominee we're going to win this general election.
7:48 am
7:49 am
7:50 am
welcome back check market action futures indicating well he flat on the session looking for direction here the dow jones industrial average expected to open lower 10 points we are looking to data out this morning, the about durable goods, pmi purchasing managers index, the academy group check on oil prices phil good morning. >> hey good morning, oil
7:51 am
prices are higher almost amazing when you consider the fact that yesterday the energy department reported the supplies of oil in the united states, are at highest level since the a great depression they rose over 10.2 million barrels last week, and it was astonishing prizes went higher, in the reason why they went higher is because every major oil player in the world is basically saying enough is enough. we're seeing signs from major producers major oil companies, that they are going to have to cut back on spending, and proximates. exxonmobile they loader production foshgz supposed to increase not going to happen, saudi arabia, word testify they have to borrow 10 billion dollars they are going to bank saying we need cash, not a good sign, and as far as production freeze signs that russia president vladimir putin is onboard he says in place so that means, good news for the oil prices back to you. maria: we will watch that
7:52 am
thank you so much. >> wick we're seeing price of oil big news yesterday unfortunately aubrey passed away one of the reasons why america is energy independent because of aubrey, so unfortunately event but you know he was one of the architects of this. >> one of the pie oners of the shale oil industry. >> a giant revolution if you are going -- >> see what happened crashing into a brick wall. >> could have been medical we don't know but this guy was one of the pioneers you see everyone come energy independent because of it. >> an indictment against thim -- >> exactly so that overhanging that -- >> two days ago. >> the timing of the accident is -- >> exactly. >> is sad. >> it is. >> i agree with that. >> on the political side of the spectrum this morning,
7:53 am
reuters reporting koch brothersing not use clout to block donald trump's passage to the presidential nomination james davis saying we have no plans to get involved in the primary dagen to talk about this because this is a big development. dagen: right because the koch brothers are not dummies that is why it would be money flushed down a giant gold toilet nothing -- to point out nothing so far in terms of of the attacks worked you see anti-trump super pac ads funded by republicans running to what end? you are not going to the people love trump are not going to change their minds number one, number two, it looks like, a hillary clinton super pac ad you can't you can't convince voters with anti-- if you are anti-something what are you for? and i think that and it is to mitt romney's point, too, these people are tone-deaf the
7:54 am
reason that voters -- flocked to trump. >> i of a he will the reason people are upset is because they are sick and tired of being told what to do think say, hillary mitt romney coming out you what to do what to say. >> this is the reason why donald is famous as he is they don't trust o o politicians quite frankly why circulate they? their lives have not gotten better what is still amazing to me about this we are doing it to you ourselves it is not like democrats are trying to bring down -- preventative a candidate it is republicans. >> you hit nail on headed you are part of the problem or part of the solution. >> exactly. >> mitt romney right now is part of the problem. the solution is getting back to what you said earlier they need to coalesce around are front-runner. >> i don't see this coalescingaround someone under fbi gave is. >> to your point when you
7:55 am
think about it, i mean we don't see the did did democrats beating uphill hill, really, no. and trying to find who that he alternative nothing leaked. that they are looking for the person, that if she gets indicted that will be the person they are going to put in that spot, but republicans -- we -- we are trying to figure out every way, that we can. >> koch brothers see numbers we see shows something can when asked trump supporters are asked is there anything that could did he rail your support, 75% say absolutely nothing he could say or do would cause me to not support him koch brothers see that why want to spend hundreds of millions of dollars that they've got stashed away in a political -- why would they want to spend it? no attacks -- >> but dagen means the comrovpz even if they wanted to take down donald trump, not throwing support behind anybody in this primary, they couldn't even come up with something to attack donald trump interesting. >> do they want to be attacked
7:56 am
in reverse because what you have seen i have been hard on donald trump things he said about starting with women, then you move on but the thing is, he is connecting with voters because these people have been utterly ignored, for 307b some odd years by this party they need a wake-up call all people worded about losing power not having control. >> that is what this is about to push back for a second, the reason that the gop is doing this is because they don't think donald trump can beat hillary clinton. >> i i think it is more than that. >> -- that is part of it. >> but -- it is more than that. he does not -- it is really a lot about money. let's be honest, none of consultants making any money about lobbyists are scared to death because they can't buy him. >> i want to put -- just respond to what maria said you know what it is if the party would get around donald trump, he could beat her. >> maybe one of the reasons polling balanced in
7:57 am
head-to-head anti-trump ads on air funded by republicans angry. >> valid point. >> you are right on. >> they represent -- >> one quick thing i love all of this -- >> are we really in this business of -- >> -- because see you later -- a pleasure seeing you gorget mosbacher, former u.s. attorney general breaking down the legal beat more of my interview with former secretary cia headed leon panetta his take on donald trump versus hillary clinton next. [woodworker] i live in the fine details.
7:58 am
7:59 am
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those sales prove my sustainable designs are better for the environment and my bottom line. that's how i own it. . maria: good thursday morning welcome back i am maria bartiromo, it is thursday, march 3 your top stories right now 8:00 aem on east coast, breaking news this morning, an aid to second hillary clinton reportedly granted immunity in probe over her e-mails, according to the "washington post" have to morning, bryan is cooperating with law enforcement, he set up the private server in clinton's home in 2009. the clinton pain telling us it is quote pleased with his cooperation. >> on republican side of the presidential race the top four candidates getting ready for the fox news debate, dr. ben carson announcing yesterday he will not participate not a debate tonight in a statement, carson said he sees no path forward pro forma republican nominee mitt romney will weigh in on state of the race fox news confirming that romney
8:01 am
will call trump a quote phony and fraud. who is playing the american people. etrump responded via twitter earlier calling romney a failed candidate who ran one of the worst presidential campaigns in history in "interrupter tweeted why did mitt romney beg for my endorsement four years ago, now rom nice going to give this press conference, this morning, at 11:30 a.m. eastern, we will cover it for you he futures check marks off highs of the morning we are looking at a flat opening, for the broofrader averages a host f date factor orders durable goods purchasing managers index ahead of tomorrow's number jobs' report month of february on heels of the isn nonmanufacturing index due out this morning, 10 a.m. in -- eastern time. pardon me. >> turn back to top story the department of justice, granting immunity to bryan pagii ano. >> stalled private server in her upstate new york home joining is former u.s.
8:02 am
attorney general michael, mr. attorney general good to see you thank you so much for joining us what is your reaction to news developments. >> unsurprising, he took this invoked rights had every right to do under 5th amendment when he was asked to testify in front of the house committee, and if fbi justice department want to talk to him, they are going to have to give protection protection is immunity, from use of any statements possibly blanket immunity from any prosecution. >> does this there is this investigation has been a lot more serious than perhaps certainly the clinton pain campaign or many expected letting on? >> i don't know what many people expected it has been serious for a long time, i think this confirms it. >> the grand jury has been convened is hearing testimony in the case. how does this play out? i mean, give us the timeline in coming months what is your sense. >> interesting you speak in terms of a timeline, because the attorney general legislator either are a lynch
8:03 am
was interviewed a few days ago. >> bret baier, yes. >> one point, said she wasn't going to be bound by arbitrary declines you know the presidential election is not exactly an arbitrary decline. >> yeah i think it was yesterday or day before, jim comey was testifying in congress and what he said was that they were going to carry on the investigation, and use a number of -- one of the adverbs was promptly, that is he is not man chooses his words lightly. and i think that -- they will we will know what is going to happen here, sooner rather than later. >> you would think the democrats want it to be prompt because they need to understand if she is a viable candidate. >> of course,. but, obviously, to extent democrats support hillary clinton o don't want it prompt, if the way it is going to come out is her on the wrong end. >>, of course. >> if comey were to recommend
8:04 am
indictment have to keep quiet? do you think there are those protecting hillary clinton right now. >> i am sure there are people who are inclined to view things her way both within the justice department and outside. but, if he recommends and bureau recommends an indictment, it is impossible to keep a laid on that. >> what could pagliano tell us was apparently paid 5,000 dollars early 2009 by hillary clinton, to divert her e-mail through private server what can we learn from a him. >> what she said to him. >> the conversation. >> the conversation. we can learn who else he spoke to. we can learn, in particular -- the nature of what was going to move over that server. >> and that will educate -- in terms of how specific she was -- i want to divert the state
8:05 am
department, i want to go around government. and have all of my communicate classified or not private. >> i seriously doubt she put it that way, but the context is going to be important you can also provide documentation if there is any that is part of what he would be able to offer. maria: is he volunteering everything he knows immunity can be granted to the wbs is it possible he is not volunteering everything? >> he would be out of his mind not to voluntary everything the only thing he has to lose is the possibility of being prosecuted for perjury or objectstruction if he with heheld information, he has to tell everything he knows to answer candidly doesn't have to voluntary doesn't have to offer, but if asked questions he has to answer them truthfully. >> how serious a development is this do you think. >> it simply confirms what i think many people have said before, which is that it is a
8:06 am
serious investigation, it is an investigation that has national security implications not going away soon. >> when you look what happened with apple tra possesetraeus. >> some think they are directly comparable some think what david petraeus did i tell was more serious it was coded information and then he lied to the fbi, but some people think it is less serious, because of the volume of what is involved here, sensitivity what is involved here the fact in petraeus case nothing leaked. he disclosed it to one with top cleanser nonmade its way into her book nothing -- to the public. >> here we have no such assurance people in intelligence community believe i think with some justification, that her server was hacked people who
8:07 am
interests inimical to united states. >> can they getaway with that what impact do you expect on the pain. >> against what antecedent of is this if this turns out no indictment, then she will have played a very wisely, if this turns out -- a charge, then it is going to be devastating. >> we don't -- he said promptly, so a charge could happen what do you think any time? what -- >> i am not -- i don't know how the investigation is progressing i wouldn't hazard a gus, i think he means what he says, he is going to proceed as diligently, quickly as he can. >> he can't possibly drag this out until november? >> i think it would be very unwise to do that. >> why he. >> he is not -- not among -- >> he would be criticized. >> to put mild. >> the process maybe i know if
8:08 am
clinton campaign says, they want this out before november could that also be pafrtsdz? they think look this is not going to show anything so let's get this done with? >> i don't know what they think obviously they say they want it over quickly what reallies -- what else are they going to say. >> clinton he e-mail concern and sure to be major topic at fox news g.o.p. presidential debate not -- one notable face to face missing blake griffith in detroit with a preview there good morningo morning. >> hi. good morning to you as well, that is right just four accounts contracts onstage as dr. ben carson said he will not participate in this debate in hometown of detroit. and that statement, he said he just does not see a path forward to the nomination, at this point. those for donald trump front and center on the debate stage he will be flanked by marco
8:09 am
rubio, ted cruz, and john kasich none of those four are generating the headlines this morning that belongings to the 2012 republican nominee mitt romney. romney to give a speech in a few hours at university of utah, and it is directed right at donald trump, said to be a speech on 2016 presidential race but trump is much of the focus we can give you some of the experts -- excerpts rather that romney will say i am quoting here, quote, donald trump is a phony a fraud, his promises romney says as worthless as degree from trump university playing american public for suckers, trump has been tweeting up a storm directed right at romney, in return, and he says on twitter i am quoting, failed candidate mitt romney who ran one of the worst races in presidential history working with the establishment to bury a big r-win, romney is not expected to endorse anyone, at that speech later.
8:10 am
>> wow, blake thank you blake griffith -- like about burman we are watching that on fox news channel the fox business network live coverage of the next primary on saturday, beginning 7:00 pm eastern then next tuesday, join us for all the action, in the coming weeks that is all ahead of florida's primary that is a big one 15th, still to come, scot kelly coming back town to earth after nearly a year in space wait till you year what happened to his unusual physical a transformation, after being being in space, mitt romney out with words donald trump as you heard killing a republican for that reason, the a phony a fraud trump's fiery response next. ♪ ♪ .
8:11 am
8:12 am
8:13 am
maria: republican presidential front-runner dorn dorn invailing health care plan, cheryl casone with headlines. cheryl: trump wants to limit the individual mandate saying that no one should be required to buy health insurance if they don't want to, trump's plan includes repealing president obama's health care act allowing springs drugs
8:14 am
imported posted on web site donald >> former chesapeake ceo died in car crash yesterday in oklahoma city one day after indicted on conspiracy charge he was the only person in his suv when it slammed into a crete begrudge pillar police said he drove straight do thewall he wasco owner of oklahoma thunderer. >> mozambique comrooe may have come from the boeing 777 same model as missing jetliner australia says consistent with modulars very ocean drists could carry thdebris, 239 people were onboard. >> and you mentioned this prior to break scot kelly returned to earth tuesday after a year in space apparently, more of him than there was when he left, kelly
8:15 am
is two inches taller than brother because of lack of gravity cause spine to expanthered most consecutive days in space if you have seen him pictures from spays, incredible for the entire year that he was gone twitter facebook a heck -- >> pictures unbelievable, thank you so much coming up next 2012 republican presidential nominee mitt romney taking on donald trump later this morning as trump cruises closer to nomination former ubs painewebber weighs in next. ♪
8:16 am
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8:19 am
ceo, good to see. >> you good to see you thanks for joining us this morning, let me kick this off right here is what your take on all of this in terms of donald trump versus establishment? >> well, first of all, donald
8:20 am
trump is a man the station of all angry man confessification of arrange people felt never hurt i think creating a whole new group of voters for the republican party. i do think i has to start being aing a bit more presidential, more specific, on programs until that happens, it will be difficult to endorse him he is capable of doing that secondarily he will surround himself with very good people. >> you it can so -- >> i do -- >> between him and clinton -- i think i have to vote with don snoold you think donald can beat hillary clinton in the general election. >> i do, i think that -- if you look at the voting patterns democratic primaries have been lower votes than years before, she is banking tlooelt on minority vote, and i think this issue of mistrust nobody trusts her, everything you see is -- low blow, or
8:21 am
right wing conspiracy somebody should say when do you take accountability for what you do. >> interesting that you brought up donald trump speaking to a lot of republicans i think also speaking to a lot of independent and democrats we're seeing that time and time again democrats are coming in supporting him, but we are talking, you mentioned you know he is acting more presidential, but i don't think that is what american people want because i think barack obama, has paved the way for him to be entertain and chief because that is what barack has done 8 years going on, specials, comedy jerry seinfeld coming no, do you think do you think that would hurt him if he being acted more pment. >> i agree with you up to now up to now what you said absolutely on point but if this turns out a two person race it will be he las to have more specificity, on solutions, you have to be -- solution biographied american people obviously. in order to win over, enough people to win the election, he
8:22 am
has to have -- >> for a second -- >> -- chris christie, gace gate on twitter how is c is christie changing things for donald trump and supporters is he helping? . >> i don't think so. i think chris i was not spoken to him, since he backed out. i was spruced that for the endorsement. i am more surprised i is on the road with him. >> everywhere. >> looks pained. >> i think he is probably saying hey these are the cards to play now that i am out. and he is right about one thing, leads to your point also this is more of a he he movement it is a movement, christie labeled it very well it is a movement so what does he want out of this i don't think you are going to have a vice president -- >> -- also. >> trump -- >> that is what i mean felt like he was in pain. >> donald trump meaninmention,
8:23 am
general. >> he won't stand there again, it was not embarrassing it took focus off trump it byes -- dt, i will point out about mitt romney news alert you lost. and you are one of the reasons that the american people have shifted this angry has risen last four years shifted to donald trump him coming out at this point, is evidence of what is wrong that you are tone-deaf your timing is awful, that is not just him but that is the they see are the major leaders and that party. . >> i agree with you. >> it does nothing for him to come out. >> he says. >> i actually -- >> he is pushing all people pushing more people toward -- >> yeah, that is -- you know don't tell me what to say what to do i am with donald. >> he called donald trump fraud playing american people, for fools, suckers isn't that what mitt romney is doing isn't he being the fraud playing american people for
8:24 am
fools by coming in this late? where was he? . >> last two years. >> romney lacked dynamism, lacked energy not guilty about him when on trail that he that just he wasn't engaged with voters. >> i think more than that a narrative the obama administration did very well that is here is this rich guy, who played little in tax here i am, you know, asking americans to lead free world, groundswell amazing behind barack obama. >> 3 million republicans didn't vote in that election. >> look what donald trump is doing. >> voter turnout virginia brett taking. >> this the macroissue is not donald trump this is the republican party. if they don't move to center they are dead. >> right. >> it is interesting about donald trump, what is your take on this normally balances it is economy stupid he has risen off immigration policies do you think that will resonate all the way?
8:25 am
possibly, american people are first and foremost concerned about safety. terrorism, and the boarders he is a promoter knows how to push those buttons. >> hillary clinton if she gets nomination how far to the center does she move. >> ahh, i think already kind of played her hand in terms of continuation of obama policies. >> always -- obamaomics. >> she is adroit what she does i high mom mohamed ali lender rope-a-dope from republicans if in fact the federal government comes after her the feds come after her a minimum of a censure going to be problematic for her. >> was mohamed ally said everything is great until you get a punch in the face to face. >> that is right any love that quote. >> that is a great quote. >> i think -- >> we're talking about can donald trump beat hillary clinton one-on-one especially
8:26 am
in a debate, he will -- punch her in the face to face when it comes to tax policies will stifle business and economy her tax plan atrocious especially capital gains will disincentive business. >> she changes -- six years -- >> -- on application -- >> remember exactly other points to her tax plan -- 1.1 trillion dollars. >> big picture wealth is evil in her otherwise in policies. >> clinton global initiative. >> i that what she told goldman sachs with all this -- >> she was very apparently very, very complimentary -- >> thank you. >> hillary clinton under investigation by fbi donald trump under siege intoi calmed establishment former defense secretary leon panetta whether he i is ready to head back
8:27 am
into public service if asked. that is next. has
8:28 am
8:29 am
>> welcome back. the justice department granting immunity to the hillary clinton staffer who installed her private e-mail server in her home in upstate new york. this following clinton's win to expand her lead bernie sanders.
8:30 am
the e-mail scandal, i spoke with lein panetta. >> no question she has a great deal of momentum and gained a large number of delegates. she's appealing to a broad cross-section of the electorate. i think she's very much in a strong position to achieve the nomination. and i think, you know, in the end, i think the american people are going to have to look at the candidates for president and decide two very important things, number one, who can govern, who can break the gridlock in washington, and try to get both democrats and republicans working together to deal with the serious issues facing this country, and two, who can provide the world leadership that we absolutely need to deal with a very dangerous world. those are the two fundamental
8:31 am
tests that the american people ought to ask themselves as they cast a vote for president in november. maria: yeah, i think these are two very important questions and i'm going to get to donald trump in a minute, sir, but before i do, i've got to ask you about this e-mail scandal because it hasn't hurt hillary all that much in terms of the public's perception, but i ask you, as the former director of the cia and former defense secretary, would having a separate e-mail server in your home, using e-mail away from government, put the country's national security at risk? >> well, maria, you're asking the wrong guy because i never used e-mails at the time i was in government. neither as chief of staff or cia director or-- >> i guess for a reason. >> not familiar with all of the ticks, but i think, i think she's admitted it's something she should have done and you know, the bottom line is that i
8:32 am
don't think this e-mail issue is going to be decisive in terms of how voters decide to vote for president of the united states. maria: let me move on because you just raised two important questions for the american people. i want to ask you about donald trump. he has a resounding lead on the republican side of the race, we know that, should he become the nominee and get elected, would he run into any hurdles finding qualified people to fill his cabinet, do you think? >> well, you know, his history is not one of kind of reaching out to people. he kind of has a tremendous amount of confidence in his own opinions and that's been pretty cheer as we've gone through this campaign. you know, whether or not he's going to be willing to reach out and do that remains to be seen. my bigger concern is whether or not somebody like this, who has been very divisive, has been insulting to candidates, has been, you know, attacking
8:33 am
people on a personal basis, attacking people because of their race, whether somebody who appeals to the worst in the american people can suddenly go to washington as president of the united states and be able to deal with congress, to deal with those, you have to deal with in the world, in order to be able to resolve issues. o our forefathers did not support a constitution that supports authoritarianism in the constitution. checks and balances, so any president that goes to washington it going to have to deal with 535 members of congress, have to deal with others in the country, have to deal with leaders in the world if they're going to have any chance of being able to lead this country. does he have the ability to do that? i'm not so sure. maria: how would you react if he reached out to you to join his cabinet?
8:34 am
>>. [laughter] >> oh, that, that i think is never going to happen. and, you know, i would not want to join an administration of a president who ran for office by trying to divide the american people. i think this country needs a tremendous amount of healing right now. i think we've got to bring people together, not divide them and that's exactly how he's campaigning and i think, you know, that, that is something we've never done in our history is elect a president who has tried to divide this country through hate and through insults and through racism. i just think that's something this country has never stooped to in the past and hopefully will not stoop to in the future. maria: i guess what i'm saying is, you could have almost seen this coming, right? people are angry, donald trump is resonating, and tapping into that anger because they feel that nothing has been done. they feel that they were sold a bill of goods on obamacare and all of a sudden their prices for health care have shot up,
8:35 am
and it was nothing like what they expected. there were a lot of executive orders out of the obama administration, immigration, obamacare, then the iran deal. people are angry, they feel that, you know, the republicans have gotten rolled over. so you could have seen donald trump or this kind of ilk coming almost sort of like the president put him on a silver platter for both parties. >> look, there's no question there's a lot of anger and frustration out there, and frankly, there's a lot of blame to go around for both parties. it isn't just the president, it's obviously people, the leadership in congress, members of the congress, no one has been willing to come together and try to resolve the issues facing this country. so, yeah, there's a lot of anger and there's a lot of frustration in the country, i understand that. i've sensed it wherever i've gone in the country. but when you're president of the united states, the key is know the to further divide the
8:36 am
country. the key is not to suddenly insult people or to create even additional hatred in our country. the key is to try to bring people together so that we operate as a country, working together to try to resolve these issues, and clearly, a candidate who's only appealing to the divisiveness in our country is someone who can ultimately bring this country together, that's the bottom line. maria: i think you remember-- >> we've got to remember-- >> i think you remember a comment by secretary clinton when she was asked who is the enemy, she says the republicans. >> you know, look, there is a divide in this country. that's why washington is dysfunctional, but it's not enough for us just to sit back and decide-- and say, well, i guess that's the way we're going to be and have another four years of paralysis, because that's not going to help america, that produces an america in decline.
8:37 am
so, candidates have to talk about how they're willing to unify this country. that's what hillary clinton is trying to do, that's what other candidates like rubio are trying to do is to talk about how you can bring this country together. that is what we need, if we're going to have a president that can deal with the challenges we face not only here, but in the world. i don't-- i don't want this country, i don't want this country-- i'm the son of italian immigrants, i don't want this country to become further divided in dealing with the challenges that we're facing in the 21st century. i want a country that can give my children a better life in the future. maria: yeah. >> i don't see that happening with somebody like trump. maria: a special thanks to leo panetta there. "mornings with maria" starts at 6 a.m. before we go to break, here are
8:38 am
moments you may have missed earlier. >> as far as the doj is concerned they grant immunity for people they think will be good for the prosecution. so they think that paing paing glan no has information. >> we need a strong candidate that will pete her, this absolutely helps republicans and it also means, this is profound, they intend to indict someone. it's not brian pagliano, he is only be indicted if he commits perjury. but on the chain north of him. >> he's basically irrelevant and in all due respect to romney, he is irrelevant. >> it's dangerous to try to force a choice in this country between protecting our security and protecting our freedom. i think we can do both, that's been the history of our country
8:39 am
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>> welcome back, breaking overnight. the justice department reportedly granting immunity to a former state department staffer who worked on hillary clinton's private e-mail server. t"the washington post" is reporting that bryan pagliano sets up her server before he was hired by the state department. candidate ted cruz weighed in with megyn kelly. >> this is an ominous development for the clinton campaign and for democrats as a whole, that suggests that the investigation is moving to a whole other level. she is going to be a badly wounded candidate and if we nominate a strong republican nominee, we're going to win this general election. >> joining us now is economist and hillary clinton supporter charlie wrangle. thank you for being here. >> good to be here.
8:43 am
maria: what's your reaction to a staffer being given immunity. >> as a former federal prosecutor, it means that the witness is encouraged to tell the truth without fear of being indicted, at least as relates to this particular thing. i think all people, especially those supporting secretary clinton, want to remove this cloud as we move forward in what appears to be a terrible campaign between the republicans and democrats. anything we can do to clear the air so that the voters will be able to deal with policy as relates to peace, war, the economy, jobs, immigration, that's what we have to do. so, i think i'm glad that the federal government's moving forward with the investigation and for those who are just pessimistic that this is going to lead to indictment, then they should be glad that the immunity is given and truth is heard and i'm very confident that hillary clinton will survive this.
8:44 am
maria: we were talking to the former attorney general, michael mullcasy, this tells us the fbi investigation is a lot more serious than the clinton campaign is letting on. do you agree with this? >> heck no, there's been no grand jury that's been there. hillary clinton has cooperated. there has not been one scintilla bit of evidence that hillary clinton has done anything wrong by the fbi or justice department. maria: you have to scratch your head, why did bryan pagliano need immunity? >> i don't know what bryan has done. maria: he set up the e-mail server in her home. >> it's possible, and we all are speculating, let me say first, there's no indication by him getting immunity that hillary clinton has done anything wrong. there is an indication that he may have said or done something that he thinks could
8:45 am
incriminate him, that's the best you can get out of this. and then in order for him to tell the truth as he sees it, he's asking the federal government, i can tell you what happened as long as you're not going to hold it against me. so, it's a heck of a stretch to believe that he's going to say something that incriminates hillary clinton. there's nothing, nothing, nothing anyone can say that his testimony is going to incriminate clinton, or could possibly. maria: congressman, here is sandra smith. sandra: good morning. is it safe to say, as judge napolitano put it on the show earlier this morning, that this is progressing for hillary clinton at a crucial time in her campaign. do you think that you will see support for her waiver in the face of these ongoing legal troubles and questions that still linger? >> i can't answer that because it is a cloud that only the
8:46 am
justice department expediting this can clear up and i think that they realize how important this is to the country, to the democrats, and to secretary clinton. and so, yes, there's a cloud over there, over the guy who set up the system for the secretary, and, of course, that would involve the secretary only because there has not been an exoneration of her. she's not getting immunity, it's he that's getting the immunity for something that he has to say congressman, do you think that hillary clinton is going to get indicted? >> of course not. there's no grand jury. let me try this again. there's no evidence of any wrongdoing by hillary clinton. what has happened here is that the person who worked, set up the system for hillary clinton has said, and implied that before i talk, i want to make certain that i'm not indicted. maria: right, right. >> so it takes a whole lot of
8:47 am
speculation to say that what he's going to say means that hillary clinton made the mistake, did some wrongdoing, and even if it was, that it was criminal, there's nothing to indicate that unless you're looking for it. maria: understood, congressman real quick before you go. what's your take on donald trump? >> well, it's abundantly clear that a lot of republicans believe he's dangerous to the party and he's dangerous to the country and we have enough polarization in the congress, but trump looks like he's heading for the nomination. there are a lot of people, including mitt romney and rubio and the rest of them that said it's not going to happen. so, i'd rather leave that alone, as you pointed out in your interview, we've got enough problems and concerns that hillary clinton is our nominee, rather than speculating what happens with the republican. i'm embarrassed for the country, i tell you that. maria: a lot of people that say he's going beyond the nomination, he's going to be
8:48 am
the next president. are you going to be able to work with him? >> i have more confidence in america than i do with republican candidates, but i have-- i don't think we're going to reach that point, i really don't. maria: congressman, good to have you on the program this morning, thank you very much. >> thank you, thank you. maria: congressman charlie rangel. a florida man looking to retrieve a stray golf ball in his pool finds something much larger and meaner. back in a minute. ♪ they say you shouldn't spoil your kids.
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>> wow, this is surveillance footage of a smash and grab robbery at a gun store in houston, texas. ten hooded men burst into the store, smashed cases and stole more than 50 guns in total. texas officials say several arrests have been made and cheryl casone with more on this. cheryl: that was the first can't-miss clip. take a look at this are it's like a scene from the movie jurs ju "jurassic park." it's controlled by a puppeteer who makes the movements. what do you do if you find an alligator in your back yard? a man saw a nine foot gator in the pool. they took them about an hour. the gator was euthanized and processed for his meat and his
8:53 am
hide, so he made a mistake there. reebok wants people to run. in stockholm they put up a billboard with a speed cam, and anybody who can run faster than 10 1/2 an hour unlocks a brand new pair of shoes, another reason to go. maria: i like it, thanks, cheryl. we're about 40 minutes until the opening bell. and it's lower than expected, nicole petallides at the floor of the new york stock exchange, a host of data coming out at 10 a.m.? >> that's right, we've gotten in our weekly jobless claims. it came in at 270,000, worse than expected. we see dow futures down 13. s&p 500 futures down 2, and we'll have a lot of movers to watch, costco, kroger's,
8:54 am
herbalife overstating its growth of active members and users. it will correct those statements in the second quarter filing, but the stock is 0 to the down side. 56 and change. different than the 53 range. and more than 3% on the markets, back to you. maria: don't forget to start your day every day with nicole on fbn. and she starts at 5 a.m. before mornings with maria. more after this break.
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8:57 am
>> we're 30 minutes away from the opening bell. i'm with joe, sandra smith and dagen. you have two cyber companies, tell us what you're working on. route b technology. maria: this is a serious issue. >> yes, we've been able to amalgamate the best. out of the cyber command or dod and as you know, i was chairman of the homeland security advisory council. it's in my opinion the single biggest threat the nation has. you can ask and answer the question, what do j.p. morgan chase, home depot, target, sony, irs all have in common, everyone wants to answer that saying they all got hacked. that's not the concern. the real concern is they got hacked despite spending a billion dollars on their firewalls.
8:58 am
maria: and this is one of the spends for corporate america that is unlimited spend basically, they're going to have to. yet, when you look how they're spending money, kevin, you're looking at earnings expectations coming down and people are not sure that this is actually going to-- >> this is going to be the third quarter for the s&p where earnings have come down, we're in an earnings recession right now. we're not in a very healthy market and that's a key take away that people actually need to come away with, because there wasn't a single ipo in january, not one. the largest economies, we're the largest economy in the world. 1% gdp growth? 18 times earnings. maria: and that was better than expected. >> 40 basis points was the expectations so you have to get back into the fed fund future market, now pricing a move at 60%. the fed may raise again. the jobs numbers can't get any better. maria: the durable goods numbers out and factory orders today at 10 a.m. >> nonmanufacturing pmi coming
8:59 am
out, we're a services economy. so that print above 50-- >> i'll take the moment to promo the fox debate tonight and coverage on the fox business network, it's going to be a huge night for the g.o.p., that debate taking place in detroit, michigan. and this is going to be huge. heim, huge. and the-- >> this is the first time megyn kelly is going to be up against donald trump again since he walked out on that iowa-- >> and you saw the cover of the post today. donald and the g.o.p. are apparently talking about the truce. are they going on the attack or not. maria: it's nice that the hillary clinton story came out today so they can focus the debate on this usual, right, the american voters need to know, did hillary clinton have the e-mail server in the best interest of the country or in the best interest of herself. maria: we'll see what mitt romney says, joe, great to see you. >> thank you, maria. maria: kevin kelly, all great to see you. >> thank you.
9:00 am
maria: and tune into our special, jobs, the american special beginning at 8 a.m. eastern on "mornings with maria", the announcements for jobs. and that will do it for us. "varney & company" is up now and my friend stuart. stuart: good morning, have any of you ever seen anything like this, the election on both sides is in turmoil. the republican party is split, donald trump running away with the race and many of the party are dead set against him. this morning, mitt romney tries to rally anti-trump republicans and call trump a fraud and a phony. the republican establishment is in panic. for the democrats, hillary's troubles escalate big time. brian pagliano set up her private e-mail server and he's being granted immunity. a grand jury has been convened, that gives investigators a window into what and who started the whole e-mail scandal in the first place. a criminal indictment los


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